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Art directly into your brain

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ARIEL mind artist

ARIEL mind artist

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I paint directly in your mind

in this way you become an active actor

in the magik of the art



Mind artist - Neuroscientist

1994 ARIEL theorize the decomposition of the artistic event in a perceptive genetic matrix (ARS GENETICS - the manifest of genetic art)

1994-2001 Fulltime activity as multimedia artist with many installations, performances, paintings, video art, virtual reality. Using of the artistic algorithm elaborated in ars genetics.

2002 Devloping of the psychotronic technology BRAIN LIFTING, an induction technology based on pulsated sounds and archetipical language for the creation of dreaming states.

2006 Creation of a medical application of the BRAIN LIFTING for the treatment of unresolved emotion in a personal research project, that has obtained an important public research money

2008 Artistical application of the BRAIN LIFTING with the concept of a group shared dream, important concerts in Milano

2010 At MART, museum for Futurism in Rovereto Italy, he presented the first mind sculptur, an installation with title "a speaking image"

2012 Elaborated the Vortex: the sublimation of the artistic space inside the collective consciusness


ARIEL general catalog


ARIEL MIND ARTIST. This is a synthetic list of works listed by years divided in: SOPHIA, the poetics and philosophical aspects, WORKS, realised events and works, in the () a short explanation of the group meaning.


SOPHIA: SPATIUM is the theorisation af the multiartistic event, designed as a 3dimensional map with non linear evolution. WORKS: Semplicemente vita (the constructrion of the comportamental jail and the dream based evasion)


SOPHIA: The script ART DU LA TOLERANCE is a conception model that theorise the dynamik of human interaction inside a space enviroment, it fix the level of tolerance or intolerance to emphasize the artistical action. WORKS: Nadir-Zenit (rationality and consciousness of the sclavery states, spleen to the ideal )- Caos - Memento bauzani - Internet love (introspection of foundating aspects of the humansociety) - yin Yang - Dynamika - universes (human relationships and interactions)

1996 - 1999 ARS GENETICS

SOPHIA: ARS GENETICS evolve the concept of art space to a completly coded vibrational enviroment, based on genetic codes and algorythms, in this way the work of the artist become that of the artifex, a creation of interactive of reality modelling acts. WORKS: Visions - Forced movement - Sequences - Rice paper rolls (the sublimation of the artistic object to the vibrational space) Symphony of colors (most important art genetic space for orchester painter and multimedia) Lebensband - Modules - Stones (Ars genetics multiartistical interactions) Net-escape (composed virtual space to recreate an interactive potential space)


SOPHIA: Cloud teaching is the application of the genetic idea in the field of education: it states that education is the construction of a relationship bases cloud, based on the three I, Information Intelligence Interaction and on the conncetion integration in the multidimensional mind space. WORKS: Films education - Open learning experiments - Cloud teaching classes for teachers - videogames - multimedia


SOPHIA: BRAIN LIFTING is the most important step that Ariel have made in the modelling of a mental reality space. He studed long time frequencies, vibrations, colors, lightlenght to find out a leitmotiv for a general description of the reality. It found out that the brain is a machine that resonate with the espace vibratoire (=the vibrating space), indipendently from the source of stimulation it will be conducted to pre determined states when it reach the right frequencies pattern. When the Artist construct a well designed art application, it will create a resonance field that penetrate inside the mind body complex of humans and change the individual and group related reality perception. With Brain lifting Ariel was able to create this form of induction in the vision of the creation of a psychotronic inducted Art piece. WORKS: Brain lifting - Omega transmutation (psychotronic sonic induction method for lucid dreaming and alterated states of consciusness) Virtual world (reality substitution and perception of change)


SOPHIA: The study and devloping of the mind sculpture produced a biomelecular related sound model, that emphasized the effect of brain lifting. With the use of adequate frequencies Ariel was able to condensate the enviromental components in a pulsatve construction. The resonation process was amplied to a molecular athomical sphere and transformed the Brain lifting model to a Omniversal vibrational model. In this way mind sculpture evolved to a mind body sculptur that is able to reprogramming the human being and create an new form of consciusness. WORKS: Ocean of silence - Harmonic field (study and application about the influences of sound waves to the enviroment and the body immerses in that enviroment, psychotronic biomolecular works), omniversum - the song of Azrael (Cosmology of the multidimensional perception and diary of transmutation) Omegafoundation (work on perception changing trought the web)


SOPHIA: The mind sculpture become a mature concept, Ariel presented the first Mind scupture installation at MART, and presented to the auditory a multidimensional reality, formed as a vibrational container that change the mind point of wiew. Trough inductions and technology art become a form of modelling for the mind-body. WORK: A speaking image - Intrusion


SOPHIA: With Biosphere Ariel define the complete multidimensional space with the pourpose of the creation of a new structured multiple enviroment. Art become a complete descriptor of the vibrational space: everything can be morphed and reformed inside the space and the effect is a biosphere in the biosphere, a new container, that is self vibrating and ananethropic in the oscillation. when humans enter in contact with a Biosphere they beginn to resonate and recive a special reforming perception, that bring to a new level of presence. WORKS: BIOSPHERE (Series of Land art installation and actions in the natur, with terraforming, symbolical mathematical construction, presence and partecipation in the wheel of creation) Canticus (installation inspired by S. Franciscus of Assisi)


Welcome to the reality (work in progress)


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